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What tantra is and what it is not?

When practiced in a couple, Tantra is a kind of meditation in two, which springs from the union of the feminine and masculine principles, and is fuelled by the sexual energy. It is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of the erotic encounters and the means to make the body, soul and consciousness vibrate in unison. Nonetheless, all this cannot be attained in one single day. It is a path that requires a full commitment. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment of life, as if it were the last of your life.

Tantra is a celebration of life, a celebration of the “here and now”, no matter what is happening, or how. This is a worship of life and nature, where no aspect is declined: inner or outer aspects, joy, sorrow, laughter, crying, anger, trust, doubt, shadow and light. Tantra is neither repression nor promiscuity since each of them is the vector of the other. It is what is, consciously.

Tantra is neither a course of sexual education, nor a contraceptive method by withholding ejaculation. Not to take this into consideration means to loose the mystery of Tantra. It is true, as we will see that slow breathing enables to prevent ejaculation and prolong love making. Nevertheless, by doing so mechanically the man risks losing his spontaneity, innocence and his untamed wild side. If the mind takes over the control, there is no more room left for meditation. But the essence Tantra is not a technique, but love; a prayer; the relaxation of the heart to the point of generating a space where the man and the woman merge with each other.

In Tantra, we find the child’s innocence; we learn again how to play with the one we love, having no schedule in sexuality, for programmes inhibit the play and tears us from living the present moment. Total acknowledgement of what is happening determines the opening of the soul. The encounter is true and genuine since each of the two can show themselves as they are. There is nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to protect. Two beings simply living an authentic love relationship. Time, age, or outer conditions, do not matter any more, only the present moment matters. The more we take the risk of being ourselves at the present moment, the more our relationship is rooted, the more it is fulfilling and flourishing. Tantra is not a technical course, even though it makes use of specific methods and techniques which may enable access to the Tantric universe and imply constant practice and serious perseverance. You will encounter in Tantra an experience which may be a helpful answer to the social and affective chaos of our times.

Tantra is neither philosophy, nor religion in the dogmatic sense of this term, And yet it doesn’t oppose neither of them. it is an essentially spiritual experience. It is religious in the sense of RECONNECTING, as it rebinds that which is bellow to that which is above, heaven to earth, sexuality to the divine consciousness. In its profound nature Tantra is a science, a unifying experience of body, mind and soul. It shows us a spiritual path, which grants, if practiced, a checkable experience of expansion of the consciousness that enables ultimate liberation.

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