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Tantra- The Way to Ecstasy

Tantra can offer a vision of enlightment and transcendence, highly unlike the other spiritual paths or different Yoga branches. In Tantra, the way to spirituality goes through the heart of the being, consciously open to everybody else. This means you can accomplish a wish without being dazzled with passion, but merging into its whirl with respectful caution, in open attitude and meanwhile being aware of certain clues of the being’s energy control.

“Tantra, i.e. the cult of ecstasy is a spiritual way based on the mystic experience of play, rather than stiff dogmas, as some might erroneously believe. Tantrics support life as a whole and they learn to discover the divine spark inside the human being. They use all senses, their mind and spirit to reach top mystic experiences. In Tantra the erotic play becomes sacred, being genuine cult, worship; it is a gift of life. The tantric art, the writings and rituals are a praise to the erotic play”.

Tantra does not confine to sexuality. More than anything else, Tantra is a spiritual inner attitude. Many people are attracted to it, but amongst many called, few are chosen. In order to understand it and then wisely practice it, open-mindedness, intelligence and courage are required. Such skills are extremely rare in this spiritually decaying epoch that we are being through (Kali Yuga). This is why, these days few of us are able to practice Tantra, though there are many that think they can do it. Righteous information about techniques and approaching methods and constant supervision of a tantric master are basic conditions for genuine tantric practice.

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