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20 Reasons to Make Love Endlessly with Continence

Sexual pleasure is not reduced only to a very pleasant but very short sensation. It can be more then that and it is possible only through understanding and accomplishing permanently lovemaking with continence.

What is continence?

Continence implies sexual contact without ejaculation while attaining an endless number of orgasms by both lovers (at the same time or separately). Sexual continence assumes fully conscious control over the sexual functions of the man or woman. Hence, this method to live the erotic act does not finalize through ejaculation for the man or through explosive discharge of the creative specific potential for the woman. Being a superior form of eroticism, sexual continence permits the biological transmutation of the creator sexual potential into superior forms of vital, psychic, mental, spiritual energies, gearing some ineffable inner sublimation processes.

Through the successful realization of sexual continence by both of the lovers the sexual experience becomes plenary, the exhaustion and sleepy sensation which follows ejaculation disappears, the woman b

ecomes capable of attaining the state of orgasm as many times she wants, and the couple’s harmony and happiness is amplified. In eastern views, love-making realized in a continuous state of sexual continence becomes a gradual ecstasy allowing for expansion, in which the couple expands to infinity, overcoming thus all their narrow-minded conditionings.

Why lovemaking with continence?

1. It harmonizes the body structure rapidly and naturally. An erotic act realized with continence, in addition to the fact that it is extremely pleasant, is the equivalent of an hour of tennis or 45 minutes of jogging. Moreover, the “anti-stress” molecules (endorphins) which are produced by secretion through prolonged sexual pleasure can calm down, as if through magic, bulimia crisis. This way we can even give up jogging or the monotonous losing weight diets, replacing them with frenetic lovemaking with continence.

2. It stimulates the blood. From 15 breathing movements per minute at rest, during lovemaking with continence, because of excitation, the body can reach up to 30 breathing movements and is more irrigated and oxygenized. All carbonic gas residues are burnt this way rapidly and the blood is regenerated naturally. Only 15 minutes of lovemaking with continence equalizes with 75 minutes of jogging.

3. Activates spontaneously and rapidly digestion. In the point of view of some American researchers, saliva which is changed naturally between the two lovers during love-making realized with continence facilitates digestion and has profound beneficial effects concerning the fortification of the whole immune system. Among others results, an exciting, long kiss puts into circulation 9 mg. of fat and 0.45 mg. of salts.

4. Adjusts the menstruation naturally and simultaneously diminishes the length a lot, reducing it to a day or two. In the case of women, a sexually reduced life, one which is disorganized and without continence, often translates to an irregular and very long menstruation (6-7 days) with large quantities of fluid loss as well as being very painful. On the contrary, the sexual act realized always through continence results among other things a hormonal balance which implicitly adjusts menstruation naturally. On the other hand, studies have demonstrated those women who have tens of multiple and prolonged orgasms, without discharge (as experienced by those who experience love-making with continence) secrete a high quantity of endorphins and shorten their menstruation, as well as being more regular and painless. In the case of advanced practitioners menstruation can be suspended up to 3 or 4 months in a row, and the woman in these cases are very happy and full of energy.

5. In the case of woman, sexual continence leads to a naturally perfect increase of their breasts. Under the effect of intense excitement and the growth of the blood output, breasts can grow in volume up to 25 percent naturally during an act realized with continence. It was also remarked that the sensitivity of the breasts to sensual touches and caresses is increased a lot provoking delicious sensations for the woman more easily.

6. It accelerates the digestions. The profound and extensive contraction of the abdominal muscles during the erotic act realized with continence induces a complex abdominal massage, from the surface to the inside, which among other results aids in the digestive process.

7. It naturally tones up the abdominal muscles. Making love intensely with continence, often and for a long period, puts the abdominal muscles pleasantly and naturally into action. The diaphragm is mainly responsible for this. Being placed between the abdominal belt and lungs, this important muscle contracts rhythmically and harmoniously under the effect of accelerated breathing and thus puts the abdominal muscles into action.

8. Improves sleep and shortens naturally the hours which are necessary for sleeping. It is known that generally, prolonged pleasure is an excellent sedative in the case of men. But the same happens for women as well. These extraordinary tranquilizing, peaceful and revitalizing effects are induced by endorphins.

9 . It diminishes and even makes anxiety disappear in a short time. Making love with continence awakens in us some special qualities rapidly, among which are: a lack of stress, profound relaxation, high-spirit, euphoria and a sense of humor. At the origin of these accomplishments lies the massive secretion of endorphins which appear in the moment of orgasms without discharge (ejaculation). At the reflex level, touching manifests a real power of relaxation. Implied also with a physical activity, the fact of making plenary and frenetically love with continence permits among other things the rapid elimination of tension in the muscles, nervous or psychic system.

10. It stimulates naturally blood circulation. During sexual excitement the blood flow increases considerably in the erogenous areas as well as in the body. The arteries relax more easily. The intense pleasure that appears causes the arteries to dilate gradually, preparing thus a state of general well-being and immense happiness. The happiness giving experience of sexual continence in couples allows human beings to accomplish through love something extraordinary. The two lovers discover both, through ecstasy, that the biological component of attraction in front of the opposite sex is not represented only by instinct but by other mysterious, energetic, subtle, psychic-emotional aspects that are integrated in the complex system of the sexual-affective-mental behavior. Sexual-loving continence, realized with success for a certain amount of time, also permits psychic-mental talents of the two lovers to be awakened and amplified beyond their normal limits. Only through sexual continence is the erotic happiness giving game produced on a trans-biological plane, globalised and endless. Always realizing sexual continence, the man becomes super-potent and he can spend hours and hours making love every day, feeling hundreds of orgasms without ejaculating at all.

11. It naturally fights against pains and physical sufferings. The extremely high sexual pleasure felt during the sexual act realized with continence permits the tolerance threshold for pain or suffering to be transcended. It was noticed that after a woman attains orgasm 5 to 10 times without discharge, she is, for example, less sensitive to the sting of an injection than before, for up to 5 days after this. It could also be verified that the profound anaesthetizing effect and noticed in many cases that this tolerance threshold can increase up to 70 at 2 hours after lovemaking with continence.

12. It naturally balances the thyroid profoundly and for long periods of time. When the hypophysis (or pituitary gland) is “excited” and generating pleasure, the activity of the thyroid is adjusted naturally because of intense and prolonged pleasure. It is known, when the thyroid functions above the normal level, people are agitated, anxious and experience a devitalizing state. When the thyroid is functioning under the normal level people may begin to tremble and are confronted with an abnormal increase in weight combined with a reduction in our libido.

13. It awakens and develops the positive “stress”. The little glands which are situated above the kidneys, or in other words, the suprarenal, are stimulated harmoniously by the hypophysis (or pituitary gland) during the erotic act realized with continence and thus produce the hormones of positive “stress”. The first of these hormones, the adrenaline, is the one that excites the senses promptly and powerfully during flashy love. Less known hormones, the cortisone, permit us to defend simply and rapidly against depression. The suprarenal is also secreting the hormones for desire, also known as the androgenic hormones. In one word, through lovemaking with continence all the ingredients that are necessary for a sexual quality relation are richly secreted, resulting in love-making that can last for hours in a row without causing the man to ejaculate at all and without causing the woman to discharge when they attain ten times the orgasm.

14. It naturally hydrates the skin very well. The intense and prolonged pleasure increases the production of the estrogen hormones ( sexual feminine hormones), which have as an effect better irrigation of the skin, allowing it to be more shiny, elastic, supple and as well as presenting a higher quantity of collagen.

15. It naturally maintains and improves the memory. Being the general area of command of the hormonal system, the hypothalamus is also the center of the memory units. A study realized among yogis in India demonstrated that prolonged intense sexual love-making with continence awaken, assist and amplify certain mental processes, among them being the memory. The high energy that is assimilated in the aura during such a sexual act permits very high mental concentration, rapidly assimilating processes as well long term ones.

16. It is the best method of contraception, perfectly natural. The intense and prolonged sexual act that is realized only with continence presumes indefinite and complete suspension of ejaculation and thus it is a perfectly natural and very sure contraceptive method. Women who practice lovemaking with continence with men who are perfectly continent are less stressed of the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy.

17. It trains the heart in a harmonious and natural way. From an average of 70-80 beats per minute during the state of rest, the cardiac rhythm increases gradually during the lovemaking fusion realized with continence up to 100-120 beats per minute in the plateau phase (excitement period). At the moment of orgasm without ejaculation (discharge) the cardiac rhythm attains a level of 110-130 beats per minute. Thus it is considered that love-making with continence is a very good natural process of cardiac training.

18. It amplifies the sense of humor and awakens high-spirit. The overwhelming euphoria that appears and is maintained for days after the erotic act with continence is explained among other things with the conjugated action of two neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine, that are secreted by the hypophysis (or pituitary gland) under the influence of intense and prolonged pleasure. These neurotransmitters naturally energize the brain and the blood, provoking a euphoric dynamism that is “contaminating” for most of the people that we come close to.

19. It relaxes the muscles very well. When the skin is touched and caressed in a very agreeable way it produces an intense stimulation that passes first through the skin, then through specific bonds in the nervous system, to get then to the motor centre of the spine and brain. With the help of the reflex system, this beneficial stimulation is reverberated shortly to the muscles that then become profoundly relaxed.

20. It improves the states that appear in pregnancy situations. It induces an increase of blood circulation in the body of a pregnant woman, which is already inundated by hormones, especially in the first months of pregnancy, especially in the lower part of the abdomen, which fortifies and even helps the sexual reaction. The pleasure in these situations is often amplified with the help of the profound and very nice contractions of the uterus that is more reactive in this case.

For those who have found out that sexual continence exists, that has been known for thousands of years by the yogis of the East, the moment has arrived to convince of its immense advantages. Do not forget that, as always, in realizing sexual continence a gram of practice equals tons of theories. For the ignorant ones, for the ones full of prejudices, for the skeptical ones, sexual continence is impossible and thus for them it does not exist. Diligently practicing sexual continence the curious and open ones will amazingly discover that the sperm is transmuted biologically at body temperature to an immense energy that permits one to feel hundreds of orgasms of an overwhelming intensity. A man who diligently practices sexual continence is a powerful, super-virile, vital man, full of sense of humor, intelligent, active, magnetic, self-controlled, gracious and open-hearted. In our days when the potency of men has decreased dramatically, globally speaking, the practice of love-making with continence is a saving remedy that can place men in the hypostasis of an always super-virile man. The subscriber of these lines has been convinced long ago, after systematic and profoundly studied practices, of the immense advantages of sexual continence. Everything that was written in this article is real and can be confirmed through direct experience by those who will follow and realize practically sexual continence. An ineffable mystery that will be felt directly and immediately by the man that practices perfect sexual continence is that he will automatically induce his lover with the state of sexual continence, making her also realize orgasms with him, without discharge. Through sexual continence even the most unsatisfied women can be easily plenary satisfied. Through perfect sexual continence the two lovers realize a state of divine infinite love that makes them to attain states of indescribable bliss.

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