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pure tantra


Love, when it is pure, has a revitalizing effect upon others,
and in the presence of a truly loving person others grow and expand into a healthier state of being. Without deep reverence for the beloved, such a refreshing stream cannot flow from the heart of the lover.

– Vatsyana, Kama Sutra

Tantric bodywork

A tantra massage or bodywork is always first and foremost a relaxing experience. It might take a little longer to fully relax when you first receive a tantra massage. You are in a new environment and you don't quite know what to expect yet. One of the differences from a relaxation massage is the fact that tantra massage incorporates both the yin and yang energies. A standard massage is more likely to involve only the yin energy, the aspect of relaxation, slowness, gentleness, etc. A tantric massage, besides relaxation, also includes the yang aspect of stimulation, pushing the energy upwards, pressing on certain points similar to acupressure points and breathing in and out deeper. As a masseur, my job is to be as present as possible for you and 'play' with these two energies just like in a dance, a piece of music. To let the two polarities meet and in this way give you a sense of deeper peace and healing. A tantric massage is not an erotic massage or happy-ending massage though it works with the sexual energy. It is an energetic massage that can be given without touching the sexual organs although you may choose to receive a Yoni/Lingam (yoni is Sanskrit for vagina and lingam for penis) massage. Sometimes the hand is held still only on the genitals and/or pushed only on a certain place next to the genitals (marma point, pressure point 1st chakra) to make the energy flow better, set it in motion. You can also opt for an internal yoni massage (see yoni massage). Massaging the sexual organs can help you process sexual trauma. As a therapist, I make every effort to create a safe environment for you and from then on I only guide your healing process, supporting where necessary and 'holding space' for you. What is important for promoting healing is the extent to which you can surrender yourself to yourself, your body, within that safe framework. The more you can surrender yourself, allow yourself to step into deeper layers of vulnerability, the more the energy will flow and you will experience the benefits. So the challenge for the receiver is to stay relaxed as much as possible in all the feelings that may arise and keep the focus on those feelings and the body.(See de-armouring)

So a tantric massage is a massage that can help you relax around sexual energy and let this energy flow through the whole body, focusing on the 'tension spots' in the body. More attention will be paid to these places where necessary, and you as recipient will be invited to 'breathe in' so that I can press deeper and thus allow the energy to flow freely. Sometimes you may experience feelings of euphoria, sadness, emotion, fear, anger and deep relaxation, or even experience moments of excitement, and they are all allowed to be there. It's about being with what is in that moment, without purpose and suppressing nothing. In a tantric massage you are allowed to be completely yourself.

The duration of a massage is about 1.5 to 2 hours (incl conversation or intake beforehand) and you choose your own boundaries around nudity and massaging the yoni/lingam. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe. I will adapt to your needs in the moment.



Price: 2 hours of bodywork and the intake or conversation at 180€





There is the opportunity to shower and take a bit of rest after the session. I massage with natural sweet almond oil unless you 'd like to use your own oil.



De-armouring is a part of the tantric massage session where tensions are transformed into relaxation through breathing through and pressing 'marma points' or points similar to acupressure points. It is for the recipient, letting the emotions that come up be and accepting that they are there. The idea behind it is that every experience is stored, held in the cellular body of the physical body (pain body) and through this massage technique, you free up space, create a free flow of energy and release emotional pain. Painful, uncomfortable and upsetting feelings and thoughts are not always experienced in the moment and are sometimes repressed or unspoken. We would always like to feel best but regularly experience feelings that are less comfortable such as, guilt, shame, fear of performing, abandonment or rejection. These feelings don't just disappear because we decide we don't want to experience them anymore or decide not to 'deal' with them. They are stored somewhere in the body and lead to energetic 'blockages ', affect the body's natural 'flow' and cause tension. In the longer term, these blockages can lead to pain, loss of libido and other symptoms.

During a de-armouring session, gentle pressure is applied first and worked towards firmer pressure on specific places on the body (marma points). As the recipient, you are invited to breathe well, produce sounds, movements, in short, express yourself freely. It is an invitation to let your body 'speak', to let what comes come without resisting. You will be supported and encouraged to breathe consciously to bring expansion and awareness to these places. It may be momentarily painful at times but you never go beyond what you can handle. The goal for you is just to become aware of the pain that is already there and by becoming aware of it, breathing in well, expressing it, that you can release it. In this way, you create new space in the body that is a starting point for greater sensitivity and pleasure.

When you choose to receive a yoni massage, you are choosing an internal de-armouring. Tensions are often held in the pelvic area. Holding the emotions like stress, fear, anger, sadness and guilt cause that area to contract. The yoni massage is rather gentle and is a chance for the recipient to 'map' the yoni. Where are the pain points, where are the pleasure spots? You then find out and the giver 'disarms' the pain points by applying a little more pressure each time on these places so that relaxation and softening can occur in these places, the energy can flow freely again and sensitivity increases.

In lingam massage, different techniques are used. There is also pushing on different points but also squeezing, twisting and jerking. Also know that ejaculation/ejaculation during a lingam massage is not an issue, is not stimulated by the giver and is almost impossible. The techniques require deep relaxation of the body and serve recovery/healing and just conservation of energy.

Unlike women who store tension in the Yoni, men often accumulate tension in the area around the anus. A relaxed anus, allows the sexual energy flow from the genitals into the spine and this helps the man to cum less quickly or support when he chooses not to cum and preserve his energy. Relaxing the anus area, is also a way to get in touch with and embrace your feminine energy faster.

  • Getting better in touch with yourself, your feelings, your wishes, your desires and your needs

  • By being better in touch with yourself, you also come into better contact with others and experience greater connection

  • More stress-resistance

  • Becoming more aware of what is going on inside you, recognising and acknowledging your patterns

  • More sexual and life energy

  • Tensions are 'released'


 “Tantra massages combined with coaching helped me to open up to myself and to others. It became increasingly clear to me what I needed and that was more space to be myself and to love myself. I had no idea how to do that. During the massage, many deep emotional parts of me were touched and I felt safe enough to live them and release what needed to be released. The massages gave me the opportunity to clear some ‘blockages’ and replace them with love. For daily life, I have experienced what the healing meant to me. I recognize and feel emotions more than before for I feel safer now, let them be and just be aware of them without having to do anything with it. The fears I had don t have me anymore and I feel much more confident in myself and in life. I feel mentally more energetic and I experience clarity. To me, Philippe is a compassionate, honest and intelligent person with a great confidence in life and is an inspiration to me. I now feel more aware, happier and more love in my life. Thank you Philippe for this beautiful and special learning”. Steph B, The Netherlands
"I had the wonderful opportunity to receive a massage session from Philippe and it was a deeply moving, energizing and illuminating experience with a strong impact on many levels of my being. First of all, Philippe knows how to connect with people and his warm presence creates a strong feeling of trust and safety that was crucial in allowing me to open up and surrender to the experience of touch and the awakening of my own energy. His sensitive touch was gradually guiding me into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, but also into an awakening of my energetic and emotional structures. I experienced a wide array of sensations, from physical sensations such as body warmth and tingling, to energetic sensations of electromagnetic activation of my hands and feet and, then, my whole body. I felt how all my nerve endings were awakened and sensitized to a high intensity and my whole body was vibrating with energy. During the massage, as Philippe was pressing certain trigger points, I experienced different emotions and insights, coming like flashes of understanding into my awareness, connecting me to feelings that I long stored away in my subconscious mind. I felt different layers like shells or armors that I have built over the years as protective shields but which were disconnecting me from my own self and did not allow me to access the source of energy that exists inside of me. I could feel that Philippe was highly intuitive and he was inspired to particularly insist on the areas of my body where I tend to hold most tension and emotional blockages and this triggered the energetic release and balancing that I needed. At the end of the session, I was feeling completely recharged and liberated, and I know that this has a deep impact on myself and is triggering a whole new process of transformation and cleansing. I am grateful for having had this amazing experience and I think this type of massage is extremely powerful and healing, for the body, heart and mind., especially as we live in a culture where many of us have been deprived of conscious touch. I recommend it with love as a precious gift you owe to give yourself" Alina T, Luxemburg
“Philippe’s gentle touch and care allowed met to fully relax and reconnect to all my body. The energy that was released was healing and re-opened the way for me to embrace all of the more fully. Moreover, the experience softened my hardened boundaries and allowed me to trust again and let the world in”. Mieke T, The Netherlands.
“Aykia and Philippe both have a warm and soft energy and touch that allowed me the space to open up and step into my vulnerability. They guided me in a patient and loving way in my process. Their presence and touch was in tune with my needs at that time. The tantric massage session has touched me deeply and allowed me to open up for things I could let go of and transform”. Elke W, Belgium
“Thank you that with this request I went back in my memory and see again the presents you gave to me. You have a magnificent, beautiful, strongly masculine but tender and gentle touch. When you touch my body, you touch my soul. Words in the language are just not enough sufficient to express the profound change you brought into my life. Each massage I received from you was a deep diving into myself. It felt like each memory cell was converted from pain to healed, ecstatic state in only one journey. After that the energy could flow again, did flow and the whole body started to vibrate like a violin conducted by an unknown maestro. It is amazing how you always instinctively touched places that were points of pain. It was a great relief to receive and not having to do anything. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and safe. I felt totally honored by your presence and approach. I am also very grateful that you made me discover that the sexuality can be a spiritual experience in a sacred and safe space where I was able to love by body, heal, feel, let go, to release blockages to move to higher grounds bringing insights that changed my life forever. You made me feel the infinite life force that lays in me that just needed to be released. You are a magician, a medicine man…thank you.” Dana, engineer Romania
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