There was a time in my life when I literally cringed if a man wanted to support me in any way. I associated the feeling of being supported by masculine energy as having “ulterior motives” because that’s what it had led to for me in the past. Men were seemingly nice to me because they wanted something from me. They mostly wanted sex, but sometimes they were just lonely and wanted companionship. I allowed myself to be used by these men, and when they couldn’t fill the hollowness they felt inside of themselves, I felt bad about myself when they discarded me. My reflex to this was to become a so-called feminist. The truth was, I really just wanted to weaponize my hatred towards men by surrounding it with historical truths about the patriarchy, and t...

Whether you are in a Male or Female body, you carry both Masculine and Feminine energy. 

What we see in our current society is a lot of unhealthy Masculine and Feminine energy. The unhealthy energies are what we are taught through the education system, it's how our economical structures and government systems run, it's also a result of the lack of teachings that exist on healthy relationships and love and also because of what we inherit from our parents who also weren't taught otherwise. 

Who is the Unhealthy Masculine?

He is:

  • Competitive; constantly striving and wants to win

  • Attached to success; focused on goals

  • Cold and distant; avoids connection

  • Contracting; takes everything personally

  • Needing to be right; blames...

In Videos of a women experiencing ejaculatory orgasms are extolled on porn sites, and even You Tube. Many self-respecting women hear about these gushing orgasms and question what the fuss is all about. “Why on earth would I want one?”, they wonder. Porn stars have them, but should a wife and mother want to have them too?

Those who have had them say the experience brings them to a state of utter satisfaction and profoundly deepens the connection they share with their partners. So how does one have them?

Typically, these kinds of orgasms are linked to stimulation of the G-spot, an area of the female anatomy that has garnered a near mythical status over the last six decades. While science has been slow to prove what every woman wh...

“For a brief moment, at the point of climax, the mind becomes empty of thoughts. It is like a moment of meditation. The ego is extinguished by an experience of supreme bliss. And yet all too soon that moment has vanished – we are left feeling disappointed, dissatisfied, wanting more. Am I right?”

I nodded uncomfortably, reluctantly admitting myself into the bedroom of his first person plural.

“This is the moment the practice of Tantra aims to expand. The tantrika regains this moment through sexual activity but gradually he – or she – must learn, through meditation and control of their desire, to reach that same experience without releasing energy or becoming the slave of lust.”

Mastering the art of orgasm without ejaculation is an act of self-disci...

What tantra is and what it is not?

When practiced in a couple, Tantra is a kind of meditation in two, which springs from the union of the feminine and masculine principles, and is fuelled by the sexual energy. It is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of the erotic encounters and the means to make the body, soul and consciousness vibrate in unison. Nonetheless, all this cannot be attained in one single day. It is a path that requires a full commitment. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment of life, as if it were the last of your life.

Tantra is a celebration of life, a celebration of the “here and now”, no matter what is happening, or how. This is a worship of life and nature, where no aspect is declined:  inner or outer...


Sexual pleasure is not reduced only to a very pleasant but very short sensation. It can be more then that and it is possible only through understanding and accomplishing permanently lovemaking with continence.

What is continence?

Continence implies sexual contact without ejaculation while attaining an endless number of orgasms by both lovers (at the same time or separately). Sexual continence assumes fully conscious control over the sexual functions of the man or woman.  Hence, this method to live the erotic act does not finalize through ejaculation for the man or through explosive discharge of the creative specific potential for the woman.  Being a superior form of eroticism, sexual continence permits the biological transmutation of the creat...

Tantra, the millenary holistic spiritual tradition from India and Tibet, considers sexuality as one of the avenues to achieve higher states of consciousness, universal love, and deep connection with our partner and the whole universe.

Because of the relevance given to sexuality, Tantra has developed techniques to allow sexual energy to run more freely and abundantly in our bodies.

Here is a selection of some of the Tantric “tricks” to supercharge our sex lives. These techniques are “unconventional” just insofar as the conventional way of making love has veered away from the limitless potential for ecstasy, connection and elevation that all of us can experience in sexuality. As with anything Tantric, we are our own laboratory and all it takes is ex...

Tantra can offer a vision of enlightment and transcendence, highly unlike the other spiritual paths or different Yoga branches. In Tantra, the way to spirituality goes through the heart of the being, consciously open to everybody else. This means you can accomplish a wish without being dazzled with passion, but merging into its whirl with respectful caution, in open attitude and meanwhile being aware of certain clues of the being’s energy control.

“Tantra, i.e. the cult of ecstasy is a spiritual way based on the mystic experience of play, rather than stiff dogmas, as some might erroneously believe. Tantrics support life as a whole and they learn to discover the divine spark inside the human being. They use all senses, their mind and spirit to rea...

A sexological bodyworker describes what he's learned about the power of sexual energy.

Sexological bodyworkers give whole body massages to help you get...wherever you need to get. I mean that in the prurient way. If you want to have an orgasm, you are certainly welcome to and will be aided in that way, but the sessions are more about exploring issues in your life, your sexuality or general spirit. It's kind of a mashup between a therapy session, a spiritual quest and an extremely thorough spa visit.

It sounds weird, and it is. But also not. But then a lot about sexological bodywork occupies a space that's uncharted and in between.

Bodyworkers, who can get professional certification in California, Switzerland and Canada, among other progre...

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-Allow your attention to melt into your heart as you make a connection to the suble feelings of love 

Dawn Cartwright